Design: 2022 Ford Shelby GT500

Commissioned: "Braggy" Board + Framed Print Package

This beautiful and powerful GT 500 is pushing an insane 1020 Horsepower & 744 lbs. Torque to the wheels. I really enjoyed working with the client on this design package and had fun designing up a Braggy Board as well.

Framed Print Design

The pictures I was provided were high quality, high resolution professional shots that gave me some great options for the designs. I started with the Framed Poster Print, using this digital capture:



I did some post processing on the digital, including extending the photo a bit, and cleaning up the asphalt. This GT 500 Build has quite the list completed by Fathouse Performance in West Virginia. I wanted to make sure to include everything the customer needed, and have it look good and be legible. After some back and forth refining the design with the customer, we nailed the final design.



Braggy Design

Side note: I love Braggy's. They are a great way of showcasing information in a small package. Easy to take from shows, events and meets to the next.

On the Braggy the customer wanted to showcase his Dyno numbers. The original Dyno graph came to me as a digital image, and I wanted to be sure it was legible regardless of what size it was printed out so I "vectorized" it (I created a Scalable vector graphic version).

Original Digital Image Scalable Vector Graphic Version


As the Braggy is a much smaller printable area, I shortened the Performance/Modifications list to fit while still looking good and conveying the information. I used a different digital capture (taken on the same day) for the Braggy, and the results came out beautifully.


This Mod Poster package came out so wonderfully, and I truly enjoyed working with the Customer. This is why I do what I do, why I am so passionate about all my designs. Happy Customers. 

Follow @nvrg1vup on Instagram and watch his Dyno Run at Fathouse Performance:

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