Where to start? Let's see, I have been asked by some what the process is. The process of course varies from car to car, customer to customer and what each person envisions and wants out of a show board. I usually do not have any direction in mind until I see the photographs of a customer's car. That is when I start to get an idea of what the end result will be. I can tell you, I am a bit of a perfectionist, and put 110% in to all of my projects and Mod Poster boards. Be it a full-sized PVC Poster or just a digital design, every car, every customer.

First, we will need a direction on product & size. Once you decide on the Mod Poster package that is best for you, your car and your budget, add it to your cart, and complete the purchase.

Select and Upload your Pictures

The best pictures to use? Original high-definition digitals are best. Pictures taken from social media sites tend to not work as well as these sites compress images, and you lose a lot of detail in the compression. Please only upload images that belong to you, and/or are authorized for use for this product.
You can also email your pictures to sales@modposters.com.

Vehicle Details & Information
The Design Process

Now that I have all of the information from you, outstanding photographs and any other ideas on layout and look, I get started on the design for your new Mod Poster. I start first by doing some web research on your specific year and model. Anything unique about it? Any special history to it? All of this helps in my design.

My biggest inspiration comes from your pictures themselves. I look for pictures that stand out, or are taken in a specific lighting, background and/or place. One of my favorites are pictures taken low to the ground with a bright blue or somewhat cloudy sky. These make phenomenal posters.

I use an array of design applications including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to clean up the original, removing any blemishes, objects (like small rocks or debris in roads etc.), brighten and enhance the photo and prepare it for print.

Once I am happy with my design, I then send it to you to look over and give feedback on any changes you would like to see.

Feedback & Edits

I love feedback from my customers. Feedback not only helps me to design a Mod Poster you love, but I learn more from my customers feedback then I could ever learn from a book or tutorial. Some of the ideas I have gotten from customers are things I never thought of before. Some ideas work out great, and some do not and we decide to revert to a previous design in the process.

No matter how small or large the change, I am open to all ideas and edits. As I said before, this is YOUR Mod Poster, and I want you to love it as much as you love your car.

Finalizing the Design

Once I get approval from you (usually via email) I will then finalize the design and save it to two digital formats: jpg & png. These are both great formats for displaying pictures on the web. These two files will then be uploaded and archived to your "Order Status" page, that you can access anytime from anywhere you have web access.

If you have purchased a package that includes printing, I will then send the design off to the printers. Otherwise, that is it, your poster design is complete and you are free to use the design as you see fit including posting it to the web.

Printing & Shipping

Printing and shipping is included in some Mod Poster packages and once again, after I have your approval I will then send your Mod Poster design off to the printers for printing on the medium you choose during checkout. Printing usually take about a week but can sometimes take a bit longer based on staff and supplies. As we all know Covid is affecting EVERYTHING, and printing is no exception. If there are any delays, I will of course let you know as soon as I know.

Once I receive your printed Mod Poster and inspect it, I will then ship it off to you via Priority USPS. If I find anything wrong with the print quality, I will immediately have your design reprinted at no cost to you, and will let you know the circumstances for the delay. As always, I want your Mod Poster to be as perfect as possible and I really do want you to love it right from the start.

Our Best Sellers

Brushed Aluminum Poster Design Package

  • $129.00

Made of lightweight yet durable sheets of aluminum with a solid plastic core, our Aluminum Mod Poster boards are great for outdoor shows and events.

Foam Board Poster Design Package

  • $99.00

Printed on durable 5mm foam board with a smooth matte finish, these signs are lightweight and easy to move from event to event.

Framed Print Design Package

  • $109.00

Our Framed Print Design Package includes a frame made of medium density fiberboard and includes a clear, protective film over your poster.

Why Choose Mod Posters?

Passion for the Industry

We are car enthusiasts just like you, and we are here to help you achieve the BEST poster design collaboration experience possible. Our main goal is your satisfaction.

Proudly Made in the USA

All Mod Posters products are designed and created right here in the USA. No outsoucing overseas. Take pride in supporting local/US based small businesses.

No Cookie Cutters here

Our products are not template based, *stick a pic of your car here* and call it good. All of our designs are digitally hand created to be as unique as your ride.